Research Paper Second Language Acquisition (SLA)
Systemic Theoretical Instruction: The Impact of Three Types of Verbalization in L2 Learners’ Knowledge of Passive Voice

Nasser Rashidi; Amir Naami

Volume 9, Issue 2 , December 2020, Pages 1-26

  This article was intended to investigate and compare the impact of three types of verbalization within Systemic Theoretical Instruction on the L2 learners’ knowledge of past voice. To this end, four EFL intact classrooms from a high school in Iran were chosen and randomly assigned to one control ...  Read More

Research Paper Applied Linguistics
Conceptualization of Hope for EFL Teaching within the Iranian Context: A Grounded Theoretical Model

Fariba Ghadyani; Mohammad Hassan Tahririan; Katayoon Afzali

Volume 9, Issue 2 , December 2020, Pages 27-58

  Recent interdisciplinary studies have revealed that hope plays a key role in academic achievement and job performance. Due to the paucity of research on the interface of hope and second or foreign (L2) language teaching, for the first time, this paper sets out to develop a categorical conceptualization ...  Read More

Research Paper Applied Linguistics
Research Methodology and Orientation of Papers Published from 1980 to 2019 in Applied Linguistics Journals

Hussein Meihami

Volume 9, Issue 2 , December 2020, Pages 59-88

  This study explored the research methodology and research orientation of the papers published in seven world-leading applied linguistics journals from 1980 to 2019. To that end, a corpus including 3491 papers from seven applied linguistics journals was investigated. The papers were examined for their ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Effect of Instruction on the Development of Voice in EFL Argumentative Writing

Shiva Keivanpanah; Nafiseh Khakbaz

Volume 9, Issue 2 , December 2020, Pages 89-119

  While a growing body of research has attempted to analyze how voice is deployed in argumentative writing, much work remains to be done in instructing voice elements. Therefore, the present study examined the effect of instruction based on Martin and White’s (2005) Engagement framework and Hyland’s ...  Read More

Research Paper
A Socio-linguistic Study on Relational Identity and Language Learning Performance within Iranian English Language Learners: A Focus on Parental Involvement

Mahsa Abedi; Marjan Vosoughi; Mohammad Ali Kowsary

Volume 9, Issue 2 , December 2020, Pages 121-153

  In this study, the researchers intended to screen English language learning perceptions on four relational contexts including language learners’ family members, English teachers, classmates and their best friends. To this aim, a group of Iranian adolescents (no=38), with an age range of 12-16 were ...  Read More

Research Paper Interlanguage Pragmatics (ILP)
Content Analysis of Iranian High School English Textbooks in terms of Politeness Markers, Speech Acts, and Language Functions

Reza Bagheri Nevisi; Alireza Moghadasi

Volume 9, Issue 2 , December 2020, Pages 155-184

  Considering the indispensable role pragmatic knowledge plays in not only comprehending L2 materials, but also in making and maintaining proper communication, and the fact that Iranian EFL learners are primarily exposed to the target language through textbooks, this research intended to discern how frequently ...  Read More

Research Paper Second Language Acquisition (SLA)
Source of Errors in English Headless Relative Clauses Produced by Persian Learners/Speakers of English

Khadijeh Karimi Alavijeh

Volume 9, Issue 2 , December 2020, Pages 185-217

  This paper focuses on errors made by Persian learners of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) when producing English headless relative clauses (RCs). Although English does not allow interrogative structure in headless RCs, Persian EFL learners tend to produce them in the interrogative form. In the course ...  Read More

Research Paper ESP & EAP
Online EAP Courses amid COVID-19: On the Effectiveness of the Vocabulary, Grammar, & Reading Comprehension Components

Masoud Azizi

Volume 9, Issue 2 , December 2020, Pages 219-244

  The COVID-19 pandemic pushed all universities to offer all programs online, but not all instructors were prepared for such an abrupt transformation. Online education can be very challenging both to the instructors and the institutions and has several subtleties that make it quite different from the face-to-face ...  Read More

Research Paper Applied Linguistics
The Effectiveness and Rank of Metalinguistic Corrective Feedback Strategies on Written Grammatical Performance: Monolingual Persian vis-à-vis Bilingual Turkmen EFL Learners

Maryam Moazzeni Limoudehi; Omid Mazandarani; Behzad Ghonsooly; Jila Naeini

Volume 9, Issue 2 , December 2020, Pages 245-284

  Much uncertainty still exists about the possible role of myriads external and internal mediating variables such as language backgrounds and ethnicities in the process of corrective feedback (CF). To address the issue, 79 monolingual Persians and 79 bilingual Turkmens aged between 13 and 18 from two language ...  Read More

Research Paper Teacher Education
Modeling Structural Relationship Between Perceived Organizational Support and Quality of Work Life Among Secondary School Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

Yahya Gordani; Arash Saharkhiz Arabani; Masoumeh Arjmandi; Davood Taghipour Bazargani

Volume 9, Issue 2 , December 2020, Pages 285-309

  Teachers’ quality of work life (QWL) is an umbrella concept that refers to the degree of satisfaction a teacher experiences with respect to his or her job and the overall work situations which are influenced by three factors of organizational support including participation in decision making, ...  Read More

Research Paper CALL & MALL
The primary and secondary effects of data-driven learning on high- and low-intermediate learners’ Knowledge of collocations

Afsaneh Saeedakhtar

Volume 9, Issue 2 , December 2020, Pages 311-346

  The present study scrutinized the role of data-driven learning in recognizing and producing collocations by high- and low-intermediate learners of English. Moreover, the influence of secondary effect (or transfer of training) on learning secondary collocations (collocations not provided in concordancing ...  Read More

Research Paper Testing
Pre-service and In-service Teachers’ Knowledge and Practice of Assessment Literacy: A Dweller in an Ivory Tower

Mahmood Dehqan; Seyyedeh Raheleh Asadian Sorkhi

Volume 9, Issue 2 , December 2020, Pages 347-375

  Teacher assessment literacy plays a pivotal role in teacher education programs; however, there seems to be a lack of either assessment literacy or its implementation. Using an online assessment course, including both theoretical and practical issues, this mixed method study examined 16 teachers’ ...  Read More