These ethical considerations should be taken into account by the respected authors:


1-     The authors should not falsify or fabricate data, data sources, findings, claims, or credentials.

2-     Academic honesty should be considered by authors. They should reference when they reported or utilized any materials or data verbatim no matter it is published, unpublished, or electronically available.

3-     According to American Educational Research Association (AERA)’s codes of ethics, no manifestations of discrimination  in regard to race; ethnicity; culture; national origin; gender; sexual orientation; gender identity; age; religion; language; disability; health conditions; socioeconomic status; marital, domestic, or parental status should be found in the submitted manuscripts.

4-     All the authors should get the informed consent of the participants of their studies. In consonant, protection of participants’ privacy and maintaining their anonymity should be meticulously considered in the manuscripts.