Document Type : Research Paper


Department of English Language Teaching, Farhangian University, P. O. Box 14665-889, Tehran, Iran


This study aimed at describing a causal model of variables influencing preservice EFL teachers΄ technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK). A descriptive correlational design was used to meet the objective of the study, therefore, 138 (67 male and 71 female) fourth-year student teachers in Teacher Education University were selected through convenience sampling method. A questionnaire including seven sections each of which measuring an aspect of TPACK was utilized. The sections of instrument were borrowed from those validated by Sahin (2011) for evaluating content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, and technological knowledge, and by Chai, et al. (2011) for measuring technological knowledge, technological pedagogical knowledge and TPACK. Path analysis and Pearson correlation were used for inferential statistical analysis. Results showed that there existed significant positive correlations between the TPACK constructs. Additionally, content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge, unlike technological knowledge, were found to have a direct impact on TPACK. Moreover, it was found that, among the measured variables, content knowledge had the greatest total effect on TPACK whereas that of pedagogical content knowledge was the minimum. Therefore, the results of this study have implications for curriculum design, policy decisions and teacher education planning.


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