Applied Linguistics
The Influence of Task Complexity Manipulation on Iranian EFL Learners’ Learning of Transitional Devices

Touraj Talaee; Hossein Ahmadi; Faramarz Azizmalayeri

Volume 12, Issue 1 , June 2023, , Pages 173-204

  Task complexity has recently attracted great attention in second language (L2) studies. However, its potential impacts on learning transitional devices have not been considered. The current study was an attempt to analyze the impacts of manipulating task complexity conditions on EFL learners’ grammatical ...  Read More

The Impact of Task-based Language Teaching on ESP Learners’ Productive Skills: From Task-based Instruction to Investigation of Learners’ and Instructors’ Attitudes toward the Course

Mohammad Khatib; Ayoub Dehghankar

Volume 7, Issue 2 , December 2018, , Pages 1-28

  Togetherness of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) and Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) has been the subject of many recent studies in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) domain. Few studies, however, have addressed the impact of TBLT on ESP learners’ ...  Read More