On the Efficacy of a Communicative Framework in Teaching English Phonological Features Absent in Persian to Iranian EFL Learners

Musa Nushi; Kourosh Shahhosseini

Volume 9, Issue 1 , June 2020, , Pages 57-91


  Although Persian and English share many common phonemes, there are some phonological features that are present in English but absent in Persian which tend to lead to mispronunciation on the part of Persian learners of English, mostly through negative transfer. The present research assesses the efficacy ...  Read More

Applied Linguistics
The Correlation between Iranian EFL Learners’ Intercultural Sensitivity, Vocabulary Knowledge, and English Language Proficiency

Farzad Alijanian; Fariba Mobini; Parisa Ghasemi

Volume 8, Issue 2 , December 2019, , Pages 109-135


  AbstractThis study aimed to explore any type and level of association between Iranian EFL learners’ proficiency level and their intercultural sensitivity on the one hand, and the possible relation between vocabulary knowledge and sensitivity to cultural differences on the other. To this end, Oxford ...  Read More

The Relationship among Reflective Thinking, Listening Anxiety and Listening Comprehension of Iranian EFL Learners: Does Proficiency make a Difference?

Hassan Soodmand Afshar; Raouf Hamzavi

Volume 3, Issue 2 , December 2014, , Pages 261-237

  As the main part of a large-scale project, the present study investigated the relationship among reflective thinking, listening anxiety, and listening comprehension of Iranian EFL learners with regard to their proficiency level. To this end, 223 (106 intermediate and 117 advanced) adult male and female ...  Read More